March 17, 2005


So I was listening to 7:22 online today ( and Andy Stanley was sharing. He made a few statements that made me think.

The first one was made to people who aren't really sure about Christianity as truth, he says:

"Don't settle on a god who is not totally devoted to himself because every god who is not totally devoted to themself is devoted to something else--find out what that something else is."

In the gospel's when Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment is, he says it's to the love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Andy makes the point...Do you think God obeys his own commands? If so...Jesus is all about himself. He is TOTALLY devoted to himself...And that's distributing to us because if God is all about himself, he cannot be about us.

We rob God of his glory every day by making it about us. Most of our prayer life is filled with "help me's, watch over and protect me, bless me..." type of stuff. How different our life would be if we looked at the inconveniences of our day and ask God how He is trying to receive glory in this situation.

We were created in his image, for his glory...because it pleased him. We are the one creation that can give him the most glory because we bear in us the essence of who He is. Philippians chapter 2 talks about the attitude of Christ and how he never once played the "I'm God card" but didn't consider equally with God something to hold onto...instead he humbled himself and died on a cross. Why?? Philippians 2:11--for the glory of God the Father...

If you go to the 722 website you can listen to the whole message from Andy...this is a short summation of it. Any thoughts anyone?? life has not been about You or Your glory. Somedays I think I get close...but the truth is I'm so very far away. Teach me.....I can do nothing apart from you I don't even know where to begin on this one...change my mind..change my heart...and may beliefs be seen in my actions and may they reflect your glory.


jillymae said...

very interesting, a lot to simmer on. but if the glory of God is man fully alive, then He is all about Himself by being all about us at the same time. man, that'll make your head spin if you think about it too much!

Heather said...

I know! :) He gave the Garden of Eden as an example of where everything was the way He wanted it. There weren't any rules and man wasn't miffed that God was all about Himself, because God all about Himself is ultimately shown in us being all about Him and when we are all about Him...WE aren't about ourselves...etc... brain is's a good thing. :)

Kara said...

Wow! I'm a little dizzy after all of that! :) One of the things you asked is "Do you think God obeys his own commands?" Here's what I think - Jesus showed examples of obedience to God's commands when he was being tempted by Satan - he denied Satan's schemes by quoting God's commands and obeying them. He's our ultimate example, right? So if he is what we are striving to be like, then he wouldn't contradict himself (tell us to do one thing and then act in opposition to what He said)...and that is one of my FAVORITE things about God! He is so incredibly consistent and faithful. I'm so glad! From beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation, God is consistent. He never changes! We can trust that His promises are true and that He will be faithful to the covenants He has made to us. Now THAT is security!!!

Thanks for the invitation to read and respond, Heather... May God bless you big time today!

maria said...

I agree that God is all about Himself and his glory. Perhaps a definition of glory would be appropriate here. According to Kevin's theological books :), the word glory means weight or density and the idea of God's glory has to do with the manifestation or density of all of God's attributes. The scripture is replete with examples of God doing things to spread his glory among the nations and for his name's sake (closley identified with his glory, who he is)--not the least of which is salvation. There was nothing good or attractive in us to draw God to us. We didn't work to become really good before God saved us. In fact the Bible says of Isreal that he chose them because they were a weak, small nation--so that all nations would see HIS glory through them, not see how great Isreal was. I believe it is the same today with us. I completely agree that we were created in his image, for his glory...because it pleased him. But remember that we don't create glory to give to God. We are reflections, mirroring God's glory back to him. We can't muster up glory (ie the fullness of his attributes)--we are not glorious in ourselves, only in what God has done in and through us. When we obey his commands and worship him with a sincere, joyful heart, we reflect his glory back to him and to the world around us, saying Look, here is the only wise, true, holy One. We honor and reverence Him.

God has to be about himself and love himself with a holy, perfect love (unlike our human self-love). If there were something or someome else worthy of God's love and admiration, before himself--then that would be God instead. Unfortunately, in many Christian circles, we have made God's love so much about us--not about him-- that man has risen to the center of Christianity instead of God. Now it is true that God loves us and he send his son for us--but even this wonderful miracle of salvation (with huge benefits to us) is mainly declaring the greatness of our God and glorifying him and his work. And I also agree that we have problems with the statement that God is about himself because for all of our lives we've been struggling to exalt ourselves and find ourselves to be significant, instead of realizing our significance is found in the body of Christ and what He's done for us.

These topics are covered much more clearly and fully in a book called, Desiring God, by John Piper. If you are interested in reading more about this topic, I would recomend that you read it. He also covers topics like how our ultimate joy and satisfaction is found in God alone.

Whew! Anyway those are my thoughts. Anyone else?

Heather said...
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Heather said...

Andy did talk about being a relection of God's glory...I had forgotten that until you mentioned it Maria. :)

I'm LOVING the comments people! Thanks so much! :)

Heather said...
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Heather said...
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