August 17, 2005

Brother Chris

My brother is having eye surgery will be 7:30 am eastern time. They moved it up from next week because the dr. didn't like the looks of the eye-ultra sound.

Here are the prayer requests specifically:

1. The surgery goes well and the doctor is given wisdom

2. My brother can be at home for the two-week recovery period (rather than jail) The jail has to release 12 prisoners today because of overcrowding...we're praying Chris is one...

3. During the two week recovery time, Chris will have to lay face down 24 hours a day. My brother is ADHD...this would be insane for us "normal" people...for him it'll be 100x's worse. There's apparently a special bed/pillow you can get w/ a mirror so he can watch tv and such...however, my brother is blind in the other eye...basically it boils down to the fact that he'll be blind for two weeks...pray for whomever his cartaker is...patience and grace..

4. Chris is scared...


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