January 24, 2006


As of right now I can sum up what I will learn about in 2006 with one word. Discipline! I met with (free) Trainer Ron today. (yay for medical studies!) It was a good work out...good stretching, bad bike seat, good sweat, and bad legs on the elliptical machine...but I am not motivated at all! I don't want to control my portions. I don't want to write down everything I eat. I don't want to work at being healthy...I want it to come naturally.

This could be because I realize I have little to no self-control whatsoever. I cannot find any...not even a pinky full. So, why being healthy is difficult for most, it's feels about 100x's more difficult for me. In six-twelve months I'll be extremely thankful for it.

Now, I'm not just talking workout/eat healthy discipline. Spiritual discipline as well. I'm not the greatest at having consistent time alone with Jesus. I'm ever so thankful for my small group and the fact we pick out studies that "make us" be in the word on a daily basis...but left to my own..not a chance.

THEN there is financial discipline. I'm horrible at budgets...or rather sticking to them. But Mary, who works for Dave Ramsey, has hooked me up with computer budget software stuff...so i just punch in numbers and they tell me how much I have left over, etc. It's just sticking to the numbers I put in. However, if I do stick with it by June I could have 1 student loan paid off and maybe my camera bought. SO discipline on!

Ok...sorry about the complainy post. Mary aslo informs me I've been whiney lately...hopefully it's a phase.

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jillymae said...

nah, not whiney, just honest. real. i like it.

discipline sucks.