January 16, 2006

One Down...Four to Go!

So I have a list of books I'd like to read this year. It's a short, but weighty, list. In no particular order they are:
1. The Problem with Pain--CS Lewis
2. Mere Christianity--CS Lewis
3. The Cost of Discipleship--Boenhoffer
4. The Great Divorce--Lewis
5. The Divine Conspiracy--Dallas Willard

(big shout out to Cousin Chris for the books...Thanks scuz! :) )

Anyway...I finished the first, and shortest, books. Here are some quotes that, for various reasons, stood out to me

"I had the sense of being in a larger space, perhaps even a larger sort of space, than I had ever known before...It gave me a sense of freedom, but also of exposure, possibly of danger..."
"Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows"

"Don't you remember on earth--there were things too hot to touch with your finger but you could drink them all right? Shame is like that. If you will accept it--if you will drink the cup to the bottom--you will find it very nourishing; but try to do anything else with it and it scalds."

"The sane would do no good if they made themselves mad to help madmen"

"Why, if you are interested in the country only for the sake of painting it, you'll never learn to see the country"

"I never said it wouldn't hurt you, I said it wouldn't kill you"

"But what we called love down there was mostly the craving to be loved. I loved you for my own sake because I needed you....Here we shall have no need for one another now: we can begin to love truly."

Lewis has an amazing way of making see things different and I love the challenge of it. He helps me hold on to the glimpses of truth for a little bit longer.

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Ashley Lovell said...

you can do it. i will join you! this is a list i respect.