February 09, 2006

Props to Marty

Last night I hung out with Marty Bain. He's the coolest. I can't really explain why he makes me so incredibly happy, but he does. I suppose it's because he actually treats me like I'm a girl (which is rare for some of my guy friends here) ,he never makes me feel bad about who I am. He lets me ramble on about nothing, play silly guitar stuff and get WAY into movies...we watched Red Eye this evening. It was a little intense at parts but normal people probably would consider it just ok. I had to sit on the edge of my seat at times, and hug a pillow at other times...but I digress. Basically when I'm with Marty I am comfortable being me. I typically walk away from our times together refreshed. And although I'm going on and on about him like I'd like to date him...really I don't....not in the least. (no offense to him of course. I mean, he's got Krista so he's not offended) However, this quality is a good one to look for in a man.

I wonder if people walk away from me with that feeling. I wonder if I naturally make people feel better about themselves? I wonder how to obtain or nurture that quality. Maybe it becomes less effective if you actually are aware of it? Like you're putting too much effort into "effortless comfortability?"

Well...Whatever it is...I like it. I am better because of it. I'm thankful for yet another friend who encourages me, who desires to know God more and who sharpens me.

I trust you are blessed with friends like these....and I hope you find unique ways of letting them know how important they are to you.


Small Group Guy said...

As a reader of your blog let me answer your question. Yes you make others feel the way he made you feel. You can see it in what you write a lot.

I have been watching your blog for a few months. I found it via Ashley Loveall's blog.

All I can say is this, they sure make some friendly, God chasing, life changing people in Tennessee. I feel like I could come pull up a chair and know all of you in some way or another.

I am in Colorado, maybe one day I will be in Tennessee.

davidalexander0019406229 said...
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