April 09, 2006

All American Day

So Sunday was the start of the softball season...opening day. Our singles class now has two teams.....twice as fun!

I always feel like a great American when I spend a Sunday afternoon at the park, watching friends play softball followed by the celebratory trip to Sonic.

After Sonic I went and visited Rachel who was in from out of town for the evening. I hadn't seen her since she moved last August! It was SO great! But not quite long enough...

Truth is my community is changing, again.

It's a little wearisome. Getting to know people, like really really know them, and then having major life events like moving and marriage that changes how you relate. All the change is necessary so one doesn't become stagnant...but still wearisome. It takes a lot of effort to get to know someone...and sometimes a lot of effort when the move on to continue the relationship.

I think this is why I admire the "artsy" community. They always seem to stick together no matter what major life events happen. It's seemingly comfortable. I've tried to be artsy...but I fear my electicness holds me back. Or the lack of belief in my own talent...one of the two.

Anyway...heres to changing communties, changing life and changing thought patterns....

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Anonymous said...

God is keeping you on your toes w/change :)
hope the softball season is going well. in 2 weeks i will be down there w/a huge-mungous sign cheering you on!