April 30, 2006

Global Night Commute

So I survived. I also have the beginnings of a huge cold. My throat hates me. It was grand.

Rumor has it there were about 2600 hundred of us walking in "Frank-town" last night. We walked because the children of Northern Uganda walk from the bush to the city on a daily basis to find a safe place to sleep. They end up on veranda's, bus stops, or--if they are lucky--on the floor in the basement of the hospital. We walked because people notice when American's walk. There was walking in 130 cities across the world last night. We wrote letters and we prayed.

When I first arrived it was me and about 700 high schoolers. I was feeling fairly old. Then I found Tyler and some of his friends...still feeling old but not quite as bad. However, I lost Tyler and his friends shortly crossing the first intersection.

So I was walking by myself. Then I notice an aquaintance out of the corner of my eye. It was Creative Steven. We walked the rest of the 3 miles together. He and his friends let me hang out with them.

The most amazing part of the experience was the fact that when we looked at the lights along the road we could tell it was raining. It wasn't a heavy, heavy rain, but raining nonetheless. However, none of us got wet. Our sleeping bags, pillows, etc...all dry. Our hair..dry. My pants were a little wet from the road...but nothing else was. The Lord is amazing and my heart is filled with fear and awe. He is too good to us.

At 1:30 am we got our group photo taken. We wrote our letters to President Bush and our senator. At sunrise--around 5:30 we got up and departed--like the children in Northern Uganda. The children the world has yet to acknowledge. The children who daily live in fear for their lives. The children we will help make visible.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an INCREDIBLE opportunity and testimony that is. What an AWESOME story you now have to share with others. I wish I would've known about it sooner, that would have been a great event to be part of. Praying you find healing in the hands of the "GREAT PHYSICIAN" quickly.
Love ya!

Small Group Guy said...

I signed up for ours, only to be disappointed that ours was only a short meeting, not getting to stay the night. (that is OK, it was COLD) but I would have done it in a heartbeat.

I am going to the Sudan in August, which is just as bad in my opinion and I am sure that many eyes will be opened because of the trip.

Laura said...

It sounds like that was such a great experience!