April 18, 2006


Growing up we had lilac bushes. They towered above my 8-year-old head. There were five of them...purple, white, purple, white, purple. I've loved lilacs ever since. They are my favorite.
It's been sad living here without them. I used to look forward to spring because of the lilacs. I still look forward to spring, but they are lacking...or WERE lacking until last night.

I was at my friend Megan's house and she had lilacs on her table. I said "WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!?" She replies "From the bush on the side of my house." "YOU HAVE A LILAC BUSH?!??"

We went outside with the flashlight so I could see it. It isn't a big as the ones I grew up with, but its glorious nonetheless. I LOVE it! Megan sent me home with some...my room smelled AMAZING this morning.

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