May 15, 2006

Happy Mom's Day--Yesterday

Happy belated mother's day to all you mothers!

I called mine yesterday...her roses apparently are still beautiful and fragrant. That's always nice. Way to go! I'm excited to see the family next month. April and the beginning of May have been rough on them, mom and Chris in particular. Apparently I'll be cleaning the garage/basement for Chris' open house. (In the "open house" is a graduation-from- high-school party where become come and eat your food, while leaving money and/or presents for the's a big deal. There were 150ish people at mine...and my cake had tiers)

I also talked to my grandmother's. They are both well. Also both curious as to my dating to love the grandmothers! It was just another opportunity to say "I'd rather be single than married and miserable". This time I actually meant it.

I also visited Ever been there? It's makes me think a lot. This week was dedicated to mother's and there were the secrets of various kinds. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I realized how influential a mother is. It makes me wonder what kind of mother I will be and will my children be glad to know me? Will they hate my "religion"? What kind of choices will I make? Will they make?

It made me wonder if I'll ever be ready for that responsibility. It also made me stand in awe of my friends who are mother's or becoming mothers. My best friend from high school has 5 children already! FIVE!

Mom's are amazing. God is more amazing. I hope someday to be a mom. I hope someday to show my children who God is and more important who they are because of Him.

When I was in high school and I'd get ready to walk out the door my mom would always say "Remember who you are and who you serve." As the typical teenager it annoyed me. I understood why she did it..but it still annoyed me. I appreciate it now.

Yeap...I'm growing up.


Small Group Guy said...

We are not growing old, we are just maturing. I have my 29th b-day this week and it is my final more.

As far as kids, and marriage, they are the most rewarding things in life. Give it a little time and you to shall reap the rewards of your godly character.

P.S. feel free to steal a quote from my blog anytime. I will have one tomorrow morning from...well, lets just say he is green and loving it.

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