May 26, 2006

slow work day

My usual internet sites are not that exciting today. Neither are my thoughts, but here are a few things that have been running through my mind. (and all this's been crazy)

**Last Sunday I went to a particular church because I didn't want to talk to anyone, and I knew if I went there I wouldn't have to. At the time, I thought that was great. But the more I think about it the more depressing it is for me. Why is there a church you can go to where no one will talk to you? Why is it acceptable? And is that something we've come to accept from a "mega" church??

In Michigan, my family has been going through some rough small church issues of their own. I still don't understand why the church hurts their wounded.

Now, I understand that people are not perfect and that churches are lead by these fallen people. I'm not naive enough to think everything is going to be peachy-keen and happy "jesus" smiles all the time.

I'm just in a church conundrum. I want/need an Acts 2 community, like Bridgeway in OK City, I'm just not sure where to find it here in Nashville.

**Also running through my head is how to help my roommates. One is moving out on Saturday, the new one is moving in on Sunday. How can I be of best benefit and serve them like Jesus. I hate the moving process...but in two days it will be over. I wonder if Troy will let me borrow his carpet cleaner dealy-o.

**GO PISTONS!!! I hope they can walk into Miami and NOT almost blow an 18 point lead. And props to Wade who can score 17 pts in 1:37. That's pretty incredible.

**only 7 more hours till the weekend "officially" begins for me.


Anonymous said...

I see you dropped by my site today and thanks. And I am sorry I do not provide more inspiration. I can and will as I get more articulate in thought and belief.

As far as Acts chapter 2 churches, not many that I know of. I have wanted to, and someday will, visit JPUSA in Chicago and The Bruderhorf in upstate New York.
They are the closest I know to an Acts chapter 2 version of the church.

You can be your own Acts 2 church. Be authentic, be forgiving, be giving, be loving, be responsive to the Holy Spirit and see what happens. I know I get good at blocking out the still small voice in my head, the voice that usually is the Holy Spirit. Lord let it not be.

Sorry for the Anonymous post, I seem not to be able to log in today. It is your favorite Gyrovage speaking.

Heather said...


It was a quick drop by of your site...and didn't get a chance to read any inspiration...yet.

And I visited Jpusa was amazing. I met a small boy, whose parents had adopted him from Pakistain. They had found him in a garbage bag in snow. His name is Moses.

Anonymous said...

wish u could visit my church w/me. i was hoping to make it thru the service only having to say hi to the people around me (like every church makes u do) but instead i met the whole church :)

u have helped me a TON w/the moving :D asking your friends is way more than i could ever ask for.

luvs ya!

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Turnaround Churches said...

It shouldn't be that way, but it is. Small churches can get "cliquey" too, and exclude new people, but it's hard to not be noticed in a congregation of 50.

My membership in in a church of 2500, and it's easy to get lost. I left a couple of years ago and it was several months before my "friends" knew I was gone. I'm back now, and know them to be generous people living busy lives, and it takes time to really know someone.

In the Messianic fellowship I'm helping start, we know one another and watch out for each other, but it's not yet "church", meaning we only see each other every other Friday unless it's in some other association. (hmmm - maybe I need to suggest more interaction! thanks)

But you're right. I talk to people all the time about getting lost in large churches. Walk in, walk out, leave no footprints. That's why my connections are loose, and why I'm spending Sunday evenings helping revitalize a struggling small church.

I find that in doing, my being comes clearer. James 2:18 is my motivation and the smile of my heavenly daddy is my reward. I don't get that when I just sit.