June 15, 2006

Hi there...

My weekend in Mayville was GRAND! It was also crazy busy and a little on the loud side. However, that is my family. My brother had a good weekend and it was fun to see him happy again.

On the way back my planes, yes that's plural, were delayed. Everywhere I went. It started with the first flight...delayed by 30 minutes. Then we had storm issues near Atlanta so we had to land in Chattanooga, fill up with gas, and then keep circling Atlanta. Once we landing...I sprinted through the airport (instead of the 2 1/2 hour delay. I haven't decided which is better yet)...barely made the flight home and then we sat on the runway for 45 minutes because of more storms in our path.

As I was sitting on the runway in Atlanta I had to laugh at my "hurry up and wait" situation. I made a small parallel to my spiritual journey...but writing it down it seems really lame.

I still need a day to recover from being home...but it may be a while before that happens and I'm ok with that.

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