July 15, 2006

Weekend fun

Last night I went to watch amateur wrestling. I am not typically a fan....but I had so much fun. It's a little conference room set up at this hotel. It's intense! There's nothing like gettin' called out by one of the wrestlers....or at least that's what they say. You've really got to through yourself into it, or it could get old. But SO fun! Props to Ben, Sarah and Nick for introducing it to me (us).

Today I went and painted pottery with Leigh and Christina. It was fun as well. Would have been more relaxing if all the small children weren't running around whilst the parents finished painting their pieces. (btw, why would you get a large piece to paint when your three year old gets a small one?!?) While painting we ate sandwiches, strawberries, cherries, apples, and cheese. It was great company. I totally messed up the "r" in my quote....but I think I made it less noticeable. I'll find out next Saturday after 3pm.

So far...that's the exciting part of my life...:) Now I'm off to make a poster.


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we *heart* big phil