August 02, 2006


I went to Taco Bell for lunch today. It's an interesting place...if you are a people watcher. I noticed two types of "sitting-by-themselves" people today. You've probably noticed them yourself. They are the book readers and the non-book readers.

The book readers, obviously, have books that they are reading. I wonder if it's because they don't like to be along while eating and they feel reading makes them look less lonely....OR....if its because their workplace is crazy busy and they just need to unwind a little bit....OR maybe they simply just enjoy reading.

The non-book readers I would classify as the "tougher" crowd...a lot of times they are construction workers or power suits. They eat and relaxing. They are on the go but didn't want to wait in the ridiculous long drive thru. They typically look straight ahead, do not smile and try to hide their uncomfortableness.

What am I? Depends on the day...


Robin said...

Yes, it depends on the day for me, too. If I happen to not have a book with me, then I just act like I'm in a big hurry so it's not awkward. Astute observer, you are. ;)

Small Group Guy said...

A modern contemplative...that is what you are. Not a bad thing to be if you are a Eugene Peterson fan or a Brennan Manning fan ( I know you are at least one of those)

I agree, the pic looks good. Keep up the good work.