August 14, 2006

Shout out to Andy Tallman

Today in the mail I got the Lost and found Speedwood collection. I love it!* (

As I was listening couldn't help but remember the first time I heard them. It was in the basement of my high school biology teacher's home. He is the dad of one of my really good friends, Andy. Well...we were good friends in high school. I think only Andy and I had an appreciation for this band. When I was first learning to play the guitar he would drag me to small Lutheran churches to play with him. We played Lost and Found. At the time, I took it for granted. Looking back it's a memory I cherish.

So Andy...wherever you are...thanks.

*disclaimer, not everyone will enjoy Lost and Found and the genre that is speedwood


Anonymous said...

I totally love lost and found too! I remember Andy making us the tapes for Christmas one year! Even tagged along with him once to one of their concerts - they ROCK! I asked hubby to buy me the speedwood set awhile back when I read that you found it online, I saved the link...he is making me wait for a holiday. :-( But Yes Thanks to Andy for sharing "Lost and Found". Can't here them without thinking of him! :-)

Anonymous said...

Heather I blogged....sort of. I left my first comment thing on your blog...HOW FUN! O.K. Moments passed. TTFn

Heather said...

Y'all are awesome
I'm just sayin'.
I wanted to go to that concert...but forget why I couldn't.
I eagerly await the day they are near Nashville...:)

Anonymous said...

do you know who i am?
lost and should get a t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Heather! Thanks for the comment! I've been thinking of you alot lately and realize we've gotten way out touch! I'm sorry about that! Yes, I'm looking foward to writing, AND getting paid for it,, although not MUCH, sooo... I'm going to continue waitressing at the WOL Inn, and still sell Mary Kay when I can! : ) How are YOU? I love the picture of you looking through the rain(?). : ) Miss YOU!!! Love, Amber

So much family stuff going on, I can't wait to get to MI maybe for Chritmas with Shawn and meet my two new nieces!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?!? I LOVE Lost and Found. Yes, they are kookie, and didn't take care of their voices so they sounded worse over the years, but I will never forget the Lost and Found times in Mayberry.

jake said...

hey, drove through nashville on Sunday. Thought about you. i'll be driving through again on my way home early Monday morning. right now i'm in little rock, arkansas, but i'll be back in decatur, alabama on sat and sun.

peace out,