September 27, 2006

It worked!

So, last weekend was my mom's birthday. My goal was to get home and surprise her. Of course my mom is not easily surprised. She catches on to things really easily and I'm a really bad liar. But I did it! Well, not just me. The aunts and Tiffany helped as well. I totally couldn't have done it without them. But she cried and it was great. I am very proud of the family who didn't mention I was coming. :)

We spent the weekend at a cabin in Traverse City, MI. It was great, other than mom getting up at 5:15 on a Saturday morning. While we shopped Traverse City I bought ear plugs. The second night was much better. Tiff and I also went to chateau Chantel, a winery there. It was beautiful!

While in Grand Rapids I got to go to Yesterdog! YAY and Kava a couple of times and BW3's. It was a wonderful trip.

I am still trying to catch up on sleep...but there is always Saturday.

PS--pics to come

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