September 18, 2006

It's birthday week! I L-O-V-E birthday's! I wish I had tons and tons of money so I could properly celebrate the lives of my friends.

This week it's my mom, my sister and I's birthday. I got my first present today. :) Prop's to Cousin Chris for feeding the addiction! You're the best!


Anonymous said...

Hippy Bathday Hector Sue!!!!


Small Group Guy said...

Happy B-day...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heather Marie,
It's time to celebrate, be filled with glee,
Fun is here, when friends are near
Corn mazes to explore suprises in store! ;)
Happy Celebration on the day you were born!

Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope it's fantabulous!


Anonymous said...

Oh Yay!!!

Happy Birthday,
La Multi Ani! ( "to many years" ), in Romanian... it's a prayer/cheer... not saying it's that many years! : ) Lol, anyway, Have a wonderful day!
Love, Amber