September 08, 2006


I just got done reading Ecclesiastes aka Solomon's conclusion that life is meaningless. There may be a time for everything, but its still all meaningless. You may have a wife but what's the point? it's meaningless. You can eat, drink and be happy...but what's the point? It's meaningless like chasing after the wind.

It's like his own wisdom frustrates him. He may be wise, but he'll still die. He may know secrets and understand things I will never be able to, but in the end we'll both return to dust. Do whatever you want, but you will die and there will be judgment.

I can kind of relate. My "wisdom" frustrates me too. I can know things and it still doesn't change the way I feel about stuff. I can understand peoples perspective but it doesn't mean I agree with it, like it or am able to apply it to anything. It's totally frustrating to have the "right" answers and them not do you any good.

So along w/ Solomon I must concede....fear God and keep His commandments...this is the duty of man.


Small Group Guy said...

Proverbs tells us that with much wisdom comes much pain. When we ask for wisdom...which God will freely supply, we need to make sure that we take it and use it prudently and to God's glory. When we do that we will find that we are keeping in step with the commands and covenants of God.

Anonymous said...

I just got done editing Ecclesiastes for the iPod. It is a depressing book. Strange that a man who felt so hopeless still found the strength of will to enjoy hundreds of wives and concubines. Hmmm....