November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving in Review

So...for Thanksgiving I went to NYC. It was a great time! I stayed with my friend Laura in the Bronx. We went to the parade, I hung out w/ the CNN camera guys and some police officers who were nice enough to let me stand by them to take pics. It was cold....super cold. But I did have a great time at the parade. And I ate Chinese for lunch. Oh...and Neil Patrick Harris interviewed the people right next to us. If I would have been from Italy or Brazil, I would have been on tv.

We also visited Time Square, Max Brenner (A-mazing!!), Peanut Butter & Co., China Town, Little Italy, Rice to Riches (A-maxing!!!), we went to see Stranger than Fiction, and to Starbucks.

Here are some pics


Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures -- Makes me feel like I was there

Anonymous said...

Lucky dog! Glad you had so much fun. The Rice to Riches dish looked like a poopy peanut butter cookie for a second. Like that visual? LOL.


The Gyrovague said...

It is Sad, Doogy Howser is now actually old enough that he could be a Dr. Maybe he should be a Dr. instead of playing the raunchy character he is now on T.V.

I am glad you had fun, Macy's is on my things to do before I die list. Maybe next year for my 30th time around the sun.

Amber said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a great time! the pics are great!! You look great...can I say Great one more time? Yes, God is so great and Good! : ) we're in FL and having a good, hard working, fun time... hope to have some pics to post sometime?? Love, Amber : )

Laura said...

Love the pics!!! I was so glad you came to visit me!!!!! I hope you get knee relief soon! Love Ya!