November 14, 2006

Watch Out New York...HERE I COME!

It's been a little crazy lately.

Last weekend I spent in Hardin, KY w/ approximately 250 other people, mostly jr. high and sr. high school students. We had TONS-O-FUN. The Brentwood Bowl was entertaining as usual. The "Men-In-Black" finally found victory, as did the "Apple Cyders". I had great fun getting to know the students better as well as rekindling friendships.

I am busy every day until next Tuesday when I leave for NEW YORK CITY for Thanksgiving! I'm going to spend the week w/ my friend Laura. She's a missionary in the Bronx. My little cousin Zac is marching in the parade so it'll be fun to see him too.

We are going to go to Max Brenner, a cholocate resturant and SoHo, I think. We're going to paint her bedroom and either have the traditional thanksgiving meal w/ friends or chinese.

Needless to say, I'm WAY excited about the trip and thankful for my friendship with Laura.


Laura said...

AAhhh aren't you nice! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Zac is old enough to be marching in a band in NY? Man, time flies!!

You'd better have fun!


Small Group Guy said...

Cute Toes!

Have fun in NY!!