January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr...

As I re-read about the revolutionary Martin Lurther King Jr., I cannot help but wonder what I will be called to defend. As I feel the church of America moving in ways that I cannot describe, both good and bad, I wonder if our complacency will continue. Will we continue in our numbness? We'll we love radically or admit defeat?
And what will that love look like?

MLK knew lives would be taken and was willing to still fight for truth.
Does the American church have this mindset?
Should we?


jcubsdad said...

We should have the mindset of MLK, and I think the church today does. The problem, we are WAY to fragmented. The Genius of MLK was the way he could polarize thousands with his words. All of a sudden black and white, Jew or Gentile, friend or foe, could empathize.

Well said, and I can hope that soon we can all join arm in arm and make something happen.
(I am so confused. I have like 3 different profiles. This is small group guy, or the gyrovague, now I am jcubsdad)

Tasha said...

People should read this.