February 25, 2007


It was one of those moments. You know the kind? Unfortunately, one doesn't have these type of moments often. Its a moment you actually have to stop and notice.

I helped with the girls retreat at my church this weekend. In true girl fashion, we had a dance party. After a little cha cha action and some circle dancing the song "Unwritten" came on. Also in true girl fashion, we all started singing and twirling. It was then that I stopped and looked around the room. There were women of all ages singing and twirling without a care in the world.


We had forgotten about our worries.
We just were.

You know those kind of moments?


Anonymous said...



kaleidoscope said...

oh man... that's awesome. it sounds so refreshing.

jillymae said...

no one else can feel it for you ;)

Small Group Guy said...

What is even greater is the more you ruminate on the experience, the sweeter it gets.

Growing up is so old. Lets remember each time like this with the innocence of a child.