May 23, 2007

End of May...Already?

It's hard to believe it's the end of May already.
The beginning of summer.
Memorial Day.

May was crazy busy. The house is basically put together, my lifegroup is winding down for the semester, and a lot of the changes for Awaken have occured. On Monday I went and heard Maya Angelou speak. She is just an amazingly gifted woman. I was totally encouraged by her.

I was also challenged by a friend to start believing in myself...this doesn't come easily for me.

This weekend will be yet another whirlwind of craziness. Thursday I'm going to see Pirates 3, Saturday I have a graduation (congrats Nikki!)and a house to get ready for Christa's going away party on Sunday. Sunday I also have another graduation (congrats Amiee!) and then the actually going away party. Monday will be a trip to Fall Creek Falls for a short hike to the falls. It's supposed to be sunny...I hope my knee holds up.

If you think of it, please pray for Awaken. We need a new place to meet after It's a Grind closed, and a new teacher. There is a lot in the works but no final details yet. I hope to have both of these things by June 3rd, but I continue to learn that my timeline and God's are usually not the same...His is always better.

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Anonymous said...

His is always and me both! love ya!! christa