June 21, 2007


i love that certain things about celery.

1st...that you expend more calories eating it than are actually in the food
2nd...it's crunchy. that's nice.
3rd ...it goes well with peanut butter (but this does nullify number 1)

what about you? any thoughts on celery?


The Gyrovague said...

I hate to burst a bubble, but check this out:


Anonymous said...

It's good with salt. And some people think it helps freshen the breath, when a toothbrush isn't handy? But i'm not sure about that. :-)


Becca (formerly Becca Pattullo from C-stone) said...

It's also good w/ salsa... which is less fattening than Peanut Butter. :)

Anonymous said...

my brother's girlfriend is allergic to celery...you just never know:)