November 12, 2007


There's been a slight strain for interesting topics on my blogg. I fear today is not any different.
Life has been slightly crazy and without home internet access I don't get to time to write here as often.
Working has been crazy busy with the re-organizing, training of new people.
I also leave in 4 days for a cruise with one of the most giving families I have the privilege of knowing. I'm WAY excited and the timing couldn't be any better! I spent last Thanksgiving with Laura and I'm really excited to see her again! I can't believe it's been a year since we've seen each other. I will forever be grateful for email/bloggs/phones and all the other technology that lets us keep in touch with loved ones who are far away.

If/When you think of me, pray for my eye. I can't tell if its just allergies or what but it has a small stabbing/itching pain in it. So far the allergy meds have not helped, but I may try a different brand...


Anonymous said...

I like your blog photo--the sideview mirror. Coolness. I'm still gunning to get your camera's twin for Christmas...we'll see!


jillymae said...

LUUUUUUUUV the new photo. very nice indeed. =)