January 14, 2008

Sign Twirlers

You've seen them, right? The men/women who stand on the street corner twirling signs that advertise a sale for a near-by store. They are so entertaining to me! If I were still in college, I'd be a sign twirler.

As I drove by one yesterday I wondered what sign I'm holding and if I'm pointing anyone anywhere. Or is there someone out there who is pointing a sign at me saying "this is part of who you were created to be."

This morning I had a conversation with one of my boss' who told me "You're the proverbial 2nd grader who may not have gotten the best grades in class, but that isn't because you are not smart, its because you weren't being challenged enough." Finally someone was able to explain part of me I:

a) didn't recognize was true
b) wouldn't have been able to put into words

As with most sign twirlers, you have to figure out which direction the sign is actually pointing, so I will continue to digest this information and see which areas of my life I can apply this truth.

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Sign Twirlers said...

These guys are definitely interesting. I did this in high school.