May 02, 2008

Fantastic Friday

It is 7:44am and it's been a beautiful day so far. I had a fantastic time in the Word this morning, and praying for those I know to be desperate for God. I danced to a little Passion '05 worship music while getting ready.

I ate breakfast on my front porch as the sun was just coming over the hill, the slight fog was melting away and the birds were starting their day. As I was leaving I took a minute to talk with my neighbor and pet her dogs Brownston and Shelby, after Shelby got done barking at the calves in the field. It was mean...but made me smile.

On the way to work I heard the song "I Saw God Today" and smile as it is especially true for me this morning. He is everywhere, at all times...but today I noticed Him. He is my inner peace and the hope that I have found. I don't know how long this feeling will last, but I am abundantly thankful for it now.

I hope you see God today.

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April May said...

Sigh...your post lightened my spirits. I am envious of your nice morning. :)