May 30, 2008

Full Circle

So...I've been at the new place for a little over a month now. I have had many the adventure adjusting to life on a farm again. It makes me wonder if I really have converted to "city" girl or not. For example:

During my first week I went to the side storage unit to get something or move something. When I opened the door...a bird came flying at me! I do not do well with things flying at my head. (I was scarred for life as a 4 year old when a bat came flying at me as I entered the house) I screamed very loudly, ran and shut the door.

Then yesterday, I was sitting in my living room in the wee hours of the morning and saw a mouse run across my kitchen floor. EWH! GROSS! Then I saw it run back to where it came from and have not opened the door since. It took me about 20 minutes to put my feet back on the floor. I was so thankful I already had them in the chair when I first spotted the mouse.

Last night, I was driving to return a vacuum to my friend and what happens? A bat hit my windshield I hope the thing died...hungry.

But that, my friends, is what I call full circle. First bird, then a mouse, then a flying bird/mouse also known as a bat.

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April May said...

Aaggh! How crazy!

Perhaps you should get a cat.

I lived in this not-so-clean home for a semester at State. At 3 a.m. one day I awoke to a strange sound. I turned on my lamp and there, 3 feet from my face, was a mouse, perched on my bookcase, eating dried beans from my beanbag frog. I was petrified because my mattress was just sitting on the floor w/o a frame and I was convinced that the mouse would run up that mattress and get me.

The mouse was quite audacious. He kept eating his bean and staring at me. I turned on the radio with my remote, but that did not bother him. So I threw the remote at him. He was undeterred. Eventually he scurried off. I kept the landlord's cat in my room at night for a while after that. Never saw the mouse again.