May 16, 2008

Two GREAT Things

First...NKOTB are BACK!

Woo-Hoo! I really kind of missed these guys the first time around, so I'm way geeked! I think I'm making up for what I missed...

Second...I REALLY want this t-shirt! (in red too!)

My birthday is in September...and NKOTB are in Atlanta at the end of Oct if anyone wants to get me tickets. Oh...and if someone gets me this shirt, I'll wear it to their concert. :)


April May said...

Most excellent t-shirt. My friend Andrea declared that we must go see NKOTB when they come to town, but I heard a clip on the radio this morning of them singing and I wasn't impressed. ??? Don't let this dash your hopes. :) Also, I hope you get that snazzy red shirt! It's totally great.

Anonymous said...