July 03, 2008

Got me thinking...

So as I was cleaning last night I was watching CSI:NY. (please don't hold this against me, I do not have cable and it was the only thing on and really I just wanted noise in the background) There were two story lines and the 2nd one caught my attention. At the end of the show the one guy (with the glasses) is really upset with the other guy (tag, from Friends) and tells him that this particular problem was "none of your business!" to which Tag replies "You're my friend, that makes it my business".

You're my friend...that makes it my business. What would happen if I adopted this line of thinking, if the church adopted this line of thinking? Yes, we need to set boundaries. And yes, there are some areas of life that need to be "our" business. However...if you are my friend, the things you are doing that are not healthy or good for you or in the end are destroying who you are it is my business to come along side and help you. This is what friendship, what love, looks like. It's not always pretty, its really quite ugly at times and yes...you're probably not going to like me much for getting involved and confronting the non-good habits, but "you're my friend, it is my business."

It is so easy to stand by and not say anything. Its so easy to not let others in to the details of our lives. It may be even easier to push them away when they get too close; whoever "them" and "they" are.

The challenge to myself is why do I not get involved in my friends lives? And if they do push me away, why do I give up so easily?

As churches continue to grow and become "mega" we continue to grow more alone in the midst of people. Why? Because there is no one to really "miss me" if I don't show up for months on end. When I don't show up, I forget what God has intended for me, I let my marriage or my friendships slip and my sinful habits increase. What I really need is for my friends to come and ask the hard questions. I need the accountability--I may not like it--but I need it. You may not like it...but you need it.

We need to let go of our hearts and love more fully. Yeah...they'll get stepped on. Yeah...it'll hurt more. But unless we want to become a shell of a people...its our only choice.

Anyway, that's my ramblings and learnings from CSI:NY.


jillymae said...

dang, csi ny is a lot deeper than i remember...seriously, i agree. you know I'VE been there. both on the giving and receiving end of the tough love. i feel ya.

April May said...

Excellent post, friend! :)

You have challenged me. I need to reread this post a few times to make sure that it sinks in.

And you have also renewed my faith in CSI--even if it's only the third-rate NY version. haha.

Anonymous said...

wow girl!!!an old post, but dead on!
All from a prime time show...who knew?