July 23, 2008

My 90's Music

Ok, so I'm been in a 90's music funk for most of 2008. Maybe its rediscovering all my CDs or something...but I love"Rocks Won't Cry" by Shane and Shane, I was listening to Sonic Flood one day, Delerious' "Cutting Edge", stuff like that.

This morning was no exception. Out of Eden came on the "player" in my head...so I put it in this morning as I got ready. Here's my hope/prayer for today/week/month/year...its their song "Praise You"

Lord I really don't know how to write a song
I'm not always eloquent, sometimes I get it wrong
But the thing You've doing in me I can't describe
What a fool I'd be if I chose to hidethis transformation, new motivation

Thought that we were close, I've known You all this time
But I was just living life my way, just getting by
Thought that if I'd do a good deed or two
That'd be enough to please You I kept the parts I wanted to, and missed out on the real You

Now with every step and every breath I give it all, hold nothing back
With all I am, this is my choice, to live to worship You
So with all my heart, my soul, my mind I'll love You, leave it all behind
To live my life in awe of You is the least that I can do

I've held on so long to all my hopes and dreams
While You were asking me to place them all at Your feet
Let my praise be more than a song I'll sing for You
Let me change all my ways in response to You
I've lived for myself, Lord I need Your help
Not I who lives, but You

For You are worthy of all honor
(And You) deserve the sacrifice I'll give
You've touched my heart and now I see what it is You want from me
So I'll lose the things that hold meback so You can set me free


April May said...

Girl! I've been loading my cd's to iTunes and I just left "90's Jesus Music" central. Jammin' to Third Day (I own 7 of their albums! Eee!) and DC Talk. Memories...

Amy-Jo said...

OK makes me feel better...I have been doing the retro music thing for the past 7 months. Being in Guatemala is what I blame as Petra is huge there right now. It has caused me to go backwards but I love me some retro :)