November 19, 2008

THAT Guy...

If you have ever been to Kairos on a Tuesday night, you’ve heard him. You really can’t miss it. “AAAMMMEEENN! AMEN!” (yes, they typically come in two's)

Typically you can tell who is visiting Karios for the first time and haven’t meet the "amen guy" yet. Their response is either a snicker or an eye roll.

If you have been coming for a couple of months, you are typically annoyed and feel like he is interrupting; yet you are secretly waiting to hear him. After a while, instead of the snicker or annoyance, you find a familiar, comfortable smile on your face and you nod along in agreement.

It’s an interesting metamorphosis from snicker to annoyance to familiar smile. You start to acknowledge that his “Amens” confirm truth and you realize that maybe, just maybe, he is the “amen guy” because you just don’t have the courage to express it like he does. You appreciate his exuberance because really, in the deep parts of you, you wish you could be that vocal.

Personally, I think his amen’s are so loud because he’s making up for us who are too concerned about what others are thinking to shout from the deep parts of us. Yahweh deserves the praise the “amen guy” gives. He deserves it from all of us; and very few of us follow through with obedience in spite of eye rolls and snickers. So thank you “amen guy”. Thank you for your amens; and for being bold when others, like me, are too afraid.


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as Kent would say...TRU!