December 16, 2008


Fitting in….we all want to. That’s what makes Jr. High so rough. You’re in an awkward stage of life where you want to look “right” or “normal”, whatever that is. And it gets even more complicated when “normal” and “right” are actually “individualistic” and “not like everyone else”. It’s a confusing place, Jr. High. And to make matters worse, no one warns you the trend repeats in your mid-late 20’s; your 30’s etc. You still want to “fit in”, “be cool”, and “know what’s going on”.

There’s just something about being chosen, or picked first. It makes you feel like at least someone wants to be around you. Someone really cares what is going on in your world.

Invitation…its unspoken and yet very present in our every day lives. The shepherds are no exception. How many people had passed by them while they were living in the fields, keeping watch over the flocks? I imagine they felt overlooked and forgotten about a good amount of the time. The shepherds are the people who never received an invitation to any wedding feast or church service. They never received an invitation, until the night Christ was born.

Luke 2:8-15 tells us that the shepherds were the first to hear of the birth of the Christ child. And they ran to find him. I imagine their hearts filled with hope when they heard that He was a Savior for all people. Most of their lives the religious people had been excluding them from anything that had to do with God and then angels appeared to them telling them the good news. He is for all people.

In our world today, other religions will try and tell you that Christianity excludes people, don’t believe the lie. He is for us, all of us.

What about you? Feeling excluded? Trying really hard to fit in? Want someone/anyone to notice you? I have good news:

You are invited.

You, too, can run to find Him.

Jesus, may we hear the invitation you offer us. May we run to find where you are. May you meet us here. Amen


Desert Rose said...

What an encouraging post. Have a safe trip to MI. I am seeing a lot of snow/ice on the weather radar. Sorry - I sound like a "mom". Have a wonderful time up north.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome thought process!