December 08, 2008

Maybe I'm Just Bitter...

One of my stops along the shopping highway this holiday season was a major Christian Book Store. After finding what I was looking for, I reluctantly wandered into the "Single" book section. This wasn't my first time in this isle.

I had been here many times before, looking for "Lady in Waiting", "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" or whatever was the new "cool" book about singleness. This wander down the isle was different. There was a lot of eye rolling and "are you serious?!?" thoughts. Now, I do not want to discredit any type of ministry these books have had in young, single people's lives. I know they have probably helped advanced the kingdom in many, many ways. However, I couldn't help but wonder if titles like "Thrill of the Chaste", "First Class Single" "He's Hot, She's Hot--What to look for in the Opposite Sex"; "Gift-Wrapped by God" and (my favorite) "Get Married: What Women can do to Help it Happen" were missing something. Or maybe, I've become that bitter single woman I've never wanted to be?

Why aren't there books entitled "Single...why I like it." "Single, and Thriving" or "What My Singleness Taught Me". Is there no one in our culture who is willing to agree with I Corinthians 7; instead of cringing?*

The truth is "single and thriving" is counter cultural. Its counter cultural to find your identity in Christ. It is counter cultural to not "need" another person to fix you and to find our significance and value outside of your relationship status.

Its cross cultural; but I am hoping and praying it becomes the norm. Eph. 1:11-12 says that is in In Christ that we find out who we are.

In Christ...we find out.

*Now, before those who know me best call me out on my hypocrisy; I just want to clarify; although I think single and thriving is obtainable; I am not always there. Today is a good day

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April May said...

You're totally right! I would have rolled my eyes, too. Sometimes I think they treat singleness as an ailment, instead of as a lifestyle that some change out of and others embrace.