July 12, 2009

Italy 09

Italy--I don't really have the words to sum up what we did or how it was. It was surreal and overwhelming and lavish. I John talks about how God lavishes his love on his children.

There have been so many people who were excited for me and the trip. There are so many people who have said I deserve(d) this trip. Really? I deserved it? Why me and not someone else?

I am grateful to have had this experience. I lack the words to explain all that I feel. In Italy I realized that I am not good a receiving good things. I realized that when I get overwhelmed with beauty or greatness I tend to become quiet and reflective rather than exuberant or giddy.

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Anonymous said...

I have been waiting and waiting to hear how your trip was! So glad you finally posted. The pictures are gorgeous! WOW! Almost feels like I'm there.

It all looks pretty amazing.
I'm glad you got to go! And I am glad you are home safe and sound too! (ya, silly I guess, but I worry a bit when you leave the country.)

When you've processed everything maybe you can share some trip highlights? Please. :-)