September 10, 2009


So, I'm awake. I'm not normally awake at this time, so I thought if I got my thoughts out of my head, maybe I could sleep. I hope my eight faithful readers will enjoy the randomness.

*I should not trash talk, my team always loses. (sp?)
*After the emotional roller coaster that was today, you would think I'd be more tired.
*Am I sure that tea was decaffeinated?
*I wish one of my friends who lives far away was on facebook so I could chat with them.
*Seriously, I only have four thoughts right now?

Maybe I'm more tired than I realize...


Anonymous said...

Hey -- you know I'm a detail kind of gal. More details please!

Hope today is better

Love you MOM

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to check in, you know as one of the "eight faithful readers".....LOL. I'm sure there are more than that.

I hope you sleep better tonight! "-)

Anonymous said...

sorry to see you had a bad night. I hope your weekend went better. Praying for you!