October 25, 2009

I didn't know...

Each fall I usually take myself on a spiritual retreat somewhere. Seeing as I haven't had a job for the last three months, I didn't think I needed one this year. I have been overwhelmingly blessed with time. Time to rest, be with people, travel, volunteer, and be in the scriptures. Who needs to retreat from all of that goodness?

Tomorrow I leave for East Tennessee. I've had mixed feelings about this trip. Guilt-- for actually being able to leave. Joy--cause its peak fall colors and I get to sit on the side of a mountain and enjoy them. Hope--that God will open my eyes to more of Him. Pathetic-ness--for needing more. Overwhelmed--because who am I that I get to do all of these things? I could go on and on.

This morning we sang this simple lyric "I want You. I need You."

I didn't know until this morning...I need to retreat. I need God to show up, even more.

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Anonymous said...

Lord - Just show up! Dance with Heather, cried with Heather, clear her mind, teach her, love on her, be with her - I expect signs and wonders from YOU. Show her the "gentleman" your showing me.

PS Tell her Mom loves her!