December 14, 2004

Beth Moore

Wow...I've been listening to Beth Moore online today, while I enter in deposit amounts all the way from April of 2003. She's got some GREAT insight into the word. Here are a few of her quotes

"So much of our disappointment is because someone did not come through as God for us..."

HOW TRUE! I get frustrated/hurt/angry at people because they didn't act or didn't say the right thing at the right time....And because I was basing my worth and obtaining my validation for living from them, instead of God. Those truly are the most disappointing times in my life.

"Anything we have to manipulate to get--we will not keep..."

This is a universal truth...Can be used in almost every situtation. (especially if you're a girl cause we're really, really good a manipulation) It's easy and a lot of times I don't think I even recognize it...And when I do, I keep going.

Daddy--convict me of my sin....You are the controller of all things. I desire nothing in my hands except for what you desire for me. When I think I know what it is you want from me, and really it's just my own that to me as well. May my life change because I seek after you. You ARE my king, YOU give me worth, Your desire for me is greater than my what I want for myself, keep my eyes towards you, continue to make the things of earth pass away...may you receive all the glory, honor and power forever and ever---so be it...

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