January 03, 2005

Happy New Year

Well..It's 2005. I'm ready for it. 2004 had its rough moments, but it's fun to look back and know that God has brought me through many rough patches.

I didn't do much for New Year's...Which was kind of nice. I had a few things I could have done...Actually 3 different events to choose from, but nah. I had just returned from Christmas in MI and needed some down time. By Sunday evening, the 2nd, I was ready to do something...But still ended up at home.

This week I don't have any evening plans, but everyone should be coming back to town so that'll make the evenings go by faster.

I saw my brother on Christmas. They actually let us talk for 45 minutes. Usually it's 20. It was good to see him, but he was having a bad day so it was hard at the same time. He has a mohawk, which I find VERY entertaining! He's always wanted one and mom never let him. I'm realizing more and more my mom has a thing w/ hair...it's kind of hard to explain. Usually people could care less what their kids do with their hair....After all, it's just hair. Not my mom. She's weird about hair....Even when I was home my hair was however she wanted it...Or she had to approve it. After I was in college for a year, I came home and dyed my hair black (it was one of those wash out ones) and she flipped out...It washed out! Anyway...My mom is quirky and I'm still learning about it.

There are a lot more stories....I'll forever treasure my time with my family.

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