May 23, 2005


So..yesterday we played softball.

We were down by of the 7th (which is the last inning) two outs, tie run on 3rd and I'm up to bat...I have two strikes...I hit it JUST over the head of the 3rd base/short stop..and JUST shy of the left fielder and get the RBI!! We go into sudden death which is played where the last person out is on 3rd base, and you have two outs and can only score 4 runs at the most. So, we scored two that inning, and they were the home team so they still get to bat. They scored a run off of one of our errors but then we stopped them. YAY US. We won..8-7. I am/was fairly proud of myself for keeping us in it and not fudging it up. Although I didn't realize the huge pressure until the game was over, which is probably better for me

I love it! :)

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