June 21, 2005

Do you really NEED a title?

What God can do through a person who's willing to act is limitless ~Erwin McManus

There's a new wind blowing. It's hard to explain, but it has the distant smell of God. So many of the people in my life are tired of how it's been the last two years and ready to dive deeper. Deeper in their relationship with Jesus and deeper into relationship with each other. Accountability, missions, showing the ugly parts of ourselves to each other, prayer, community...Basically we're becoming what the church is supposed to be. It's so exciting!

I cannot comprehend how God works with each person, individually, while at the same time moving us all in the same direction. It's indescribable...It's God...

Daddy--help us! Help us to act and move and breath you, what you want to do is limitless. So be it.

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