June 10, 2005


I've been transcribing for my boss' new book (due out in September) Here's a small excerpt. :)

Have y’all ever lifted weights? How do you get stronger? From resistance. You think God’s not in control because you have a war going on within you? Resistance is very valuable. It’s very valuable to you physically to grow, guess what? It’s valuable for you spiritually to grow. Everybody wants the sun to shine every day right? There is only one place on earth were the sun shines every day. What’s it called? The desert. What grows there? Nothing. There is one place on earth that is storms everyday, rains every day. Kauai. Ever been there? It’s the 4th largest island in Hawaii. It’s known, the only place on earth where it storms everyday. What’s it called? The Garden Isle. What grows there? Everything…And it grows there 10 times bigger than anywhere else on earth.

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