June 03, 2005

These Roads they are changing...

Toward the end of my college career, one of my friends wrote a song about roads and how they are changing. The song comes to mind a lot when things begin to change in my life.

I've really felt that God is on the move...maybe that's why 2005 has been uncomfortable to me...because things ARE different and I have no control or any vision past my current circumstances, it makes me nervous and I find myself on my knees a lot more. (Who doesn't in times of uncertainity)

Anyway...this time it's job changes...to where/what/when I'm not sure. I'm going to Athens, AL this weekend on the single's retreat and I'm hoping to get in some good prayer time. I don't exactly know what I'm praying for...oh the joys.

I heard the topic for the weekend is going to be "Provocative Faith"

Jesus...be the center, be my rock, be my guide, Jesus...

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jillymae said...

He is so obviously the fire in your heart, the reason that you live *hugs*
big year of change for both of us. it is a bit unnerving, isn't it? i have to keep reminding myself what Mike says sometimes - we get just enough for today. just enough food, just enough faith, just enough money, just enough grace, just enough time, just enough courage, just enough friends... just enough for today. =)