November 01, 2005

Job hunting

It's getting old...and it's really only been a week. I love not having any set schedule for my day, however....I am going to need money eventually.

The other day I was hanging out with the Loy's and their friend told me to get off my *** and find a job. It was SO FUNNY!! I don't know why...maybe because of the way he said it, the tone, and the fact we had only met like 30 min. before then. Who knows.

In the midst of the joblessness, I have been able to rest. It's been greatly needed. One day I slept 11 hours. I feel lazy writing that and many friends reactions have been "are you serious!" and then they look at me like "no wonder you don't have a job". But I am looking/exploring opportunities. I've had 3 interviews already today and it's 11:55am. The sad part is I don't think any of those will work out...and my "part-time" gig w/ FP well I'm having issues downloading info to this Windows-98-computer. I'm very grateful for the ability to have a computer right now though. It's been fairly amazing and I love being in a coffee shop typing right now. For real...if I felt I could write a book I would do it. However, I don't much have a topic yet.

At my "Tom James" interview today I was asked about what my passions is becoming more and more exciting. I'm going to do Amber's Wedding in December, there's a girl who wants headshots done, Alicia wants me to take pics of her for Conor. I'm just really excited about the opportunity to build my portfolio. I'm also talking with Cousin Chris about the possiblity of getting a website. I'm hoping eventually that I could do that full time. That'd be AMAZING! Then for fun I could work at a coffee house. :) I've met with George at It's A Grind and when they need help they will call me. YAY. I will probalby have no social life if I accept that job, but it's something I really want to do.

I need to get going...i have to change my clothes and make it to my hair appointment. I'm finally spending some of my b-day money ON ME! That doesn't happen very often.

Oh...last night we had our picture party for South Africa. It was great to see everyone again! I really wish my path crossed with more of them on a daily basis. I suppose I'll have to make that happen...we'll see.

Adios...thanks for listening to the babble.

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Laura said...

Hey Heather!!! Imagine the great pics you could take in New York!!!! Anyway, love ya and miss talking to you!