November 08, 2005

The Saga Continues

So...yesterday it was an interview @ Stuph clothing. It looks like it'd be an incredibly fun place to work...chaotic but fun. Today it was with Southwestern Legacy stuff....not too excited about that one quite honestly. Still wondering why I even applied there. BUT anyway...the stuph clothing...wouldn't be able to pay me that much. The other would be fine...just not as enjoyable. HOWEVER I would learn a lot about investments. That's a good time.

So...I sit @ It's a Grind and cotemplate up and moving to Europe just for fun. Mary just turned down a job in Italy...I could apply for it. But...if they really wanted her, they probably do not want me. We may have the same personality profile, but we are not the same. Pretty amazing how that works.

I wish I had profound thought or anti-dote to share today...but I've got nothing. It seems when I have them the computer is far, far away. I am weary of 1st interviews. I do horrible @ them. I don't have many questions...I'm probably not enthusastic enough. How excited can one person get about answer phones? It's not a hard job. It just pays the bills so I can do what I really want to....or so I can figure out what I really want to do.

I've started walking in the morning. My mp3 player is SUCH a blessing. It plays a lot of my Jesus songs...this morning it was mainly Matthew West in my ears. "Just a few more days, I'll be coming home, Just a few more hours I'll be flyin' It could be any minute that you take me away...maybe just a few more days..." What an amazing day it will be to see Jesus, to run my hand through the mane of a lion, to fully know and to be fully known. To sit in the presence of holiness and...well, just sit.

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jillymae said...

glad you are diggin on the Matthew West and the words are seeping in where needed =) *hugs*