November 19, 2005

Last Week Randomness

So I started my new job. It's'll pay the bills, which is definitely what I need, right? It's been fun working outside of the same time, I miss it a lot. I'm sure it'll get easier. We'll be in "training" until Dec 5th...then we'll head to our branch office on the other side of town. I look forward to getting there, having my own space and settling in.

On the photography homefront...I may be taking headshots for a friend tomorrow, and I am the photographer for anothers Wedding in 31 days! woo-hoo! Congrats Amber & Shawn! :)

Yesterday I was bombarded with the mortality of life. I just avoided an accident by three cars, Everybody Loves Raymond was about Ray almost dieing...and there was something else...but I digress...

I'm truly amazed at how we walk around like we are immortal beings and how efficently we take for granted that we are alive. I am probably the chief of sinners on this one. I wonder how my "dash" will be filled, or what is growing between the trees of my life. Am I making an eternal difference or am I hoarding love?

One of my FAVORITE things in all the world is when the moon and the sun are out at the same time. In South Africa, there was one evening when the sun was setting over the ocean and the moon was rising just above it. Priceless! Most of this week as I have drive to work either the moon was in front of me or the sun. I can't say why it makes me so happy....but it does. I take a deep breath and realize that my God knows I love this and He reminds me of his love on a monthly basis. As I breath, I realize he can't be any closer to me than that breath...he is in and through everything, including my being. He knows my heart...when I stand up, sit down...he has hemmed me in behind and before...and promises I can find him when I seek him wholeheartedly.

My heart yearns for love and, at the same time, fails to recognize it. This is a great paradox of Christian spirituality.

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