November 20, 2005

It's a Grind

Someday, when I have my own home, I am going to make a coffee house room. I love coffeehouses. It's not an unusual characteristic really, but seriously if I could spend all of my time at one I probably would. It's the weekend and I've spent a significant amount of time at It's a Grind. I love the smells, the over-heard conversations, the music and the searching that happens here.

Searching for whatever it is we feel is missing in our lives...the hole that needs to be filled. For those who know it's only Jesus that fills all holes, it's trying to figure out how to get him to fill more of the hole without trying to fill it ourselves. For those who do not know Jesus, it's trying whatever until you finally realize it is Jesus that is the matter how long that takes.

Coffeehouses are also a place where joys are celebrated, hurts are shared and sometimes mended; and where earthtones have found a place of belonging. Masks come off here.

Business people, college kids, high schoolers trying to look cooler than their awkwardness, and couples needing "quality time" frequent coffee houses. They are a place of safety and refuge. A "brista" is much like the bar tender...listening, answering questions and through that process becomes a confidedon to many. my home...I hope to create the feeling of a coffeehouse. I pray it permeates the neighborhood and people can feel free to leave their masks at the door...and while inside, they realize ther e is no need to pick them up upon exiting.

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