November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

I love that we have a holiday that we can get together with people we love and eat. It's FANTASTIC!! :) AND you aren't critized for eating a's practically expected.

I am thankful for my morning. It was spent walking and singing with Jesus, reading a little of his letter to me and then writing as well. Then I watched the Thanksgiving Parade and there were so many little itty bitty children who I didn't know singing on floats. After the parade Mary and I headed to "The 'Boro" to her brother's house to have dinner and watch football, play games and invest in family. YAY!

Currently I have Bebo Norman's "Borrow Mine" in my I bid you adieu with these lyrics

"You can borrow mine, when your hope is gone. Borrow mine when you can't go on. Because the world will not defeat you when we're side by side. When your faith is hard to find. You can borrow mine..."

My thanksgiving prayer...that you all have someone who is will to say to you "borrow mine"

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