December 16, 2005

Merry Christmas!


In just a few short hours I'll be making the trip to Grand Rapids, MI and thus starts the holidays for me. I'm finally excited about them. (I could tell when I didn't fall back to sleep after I hit the snooze button)

Tomorrow..Tim Clouse is getting married! Woo-hoo!! Congrats BRUCE! I'm so freakin' happy for him! He was my first date, then we spent two summers at a camp being camp counselors and so the others from camp are coming and I'm WAY excited to see them too. And meet the girl who said yes to Bruce. Not to mention meet my friend Andrew's new wife, Christina. Wow...2005 has been busy.

Then it's more visiting with friends, bridal showers, bachloerette parties and another wedding! Congrats Shawn, Best Wishes Amber!! (apparently that's the "correct" way to greet an engaged couple...I learned that here in the south) Thanks for letting me take your pictures! I'm uber pumped. (I just said uber...weird...)

The 21st it's off to Mayville and family. I'm bringing the afghan home that I started last Christmas to show my grandma and I got my dad the line dance video he's been wanting, so that should be entertaining if nothing else. And I hope to take my brother to see The Chronicles and spending time baking, doing this and that with should be fun, not to mention busy. favorite quote from the Chronicles movie "There is more than hope...Aslan is on the move."

There is more than hope....God is moving, sweeping the nations...


jillymae said...

Tim...Bruce, are they one and the same? don't know the history there

and it is weird you saying "uber." funny, though ;)

have a safe trip!

Laura said...

I am so jealous. I wish I could be in GRap with you!!! Love ya and miss you. Have a fabulous Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you SOOO much for being such a wonderful, awesome friend you are! I love you to bits and pieces and am soo incredibly lucky and blessed to have you as such a dear friend! Thanks to you and to the Lord for allowing us to find the time to spend just us together. It was wonderful to catch up. Praying for you that God moves in mighty ways with this whole coffee house thing. (I'm also praying for the other "stuff" in your heart and life). Hope you find some time to relax. Love ya bunches!
Hugs and prayers,

Heather said...

Yeap...Tim...Bruce..same person. :) Sorry for the confusion.