December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

So…let’s see, how was Christmas. Well, I suppose I should start with the weddings.

First wedding was for Tim and Larisa. Tim was my first date…way back in the day. We went to college together and eventually ended up counseling at Good News Camp in Gladwin MI for a couple of summers. He’s a stand-up guy, and looks like a “Bruce” more than a Tim. It was funny wedding! She walked down the isle to VanHalen’s “Love Walks In.”, he sang her Elton John’s “Your Song”, the unity candle song was “Love Lift Us Up where we Belong” and they ended the ceremony by walking out to Darth Vader’s theme song! It was SO funny…and completely Bruce.

Then the Vidal/Baker wedding/event started. Personal shower/Bacholette party/rehearsal and finally the big event. Everything seemingly went off without a hitch, just small/large pockets of drama behind the scenes. Personally the biggest annoyance was the delay of the picture taking, however everything got done…and I only forgot 3 pics! (SORRY AMBER AND SHAWN!) Those three being: bride w/ ringbearer, the hands/plaque picture and I don’t remember if I did Amber/Shawn with Heather, Bri and Jenny. Whadda ya do? The wedding was beautiful…and their car was decorated very nicely! Christmas lights…it was fun. I may steel that idea someday…

In the middle of the weddings I had an amazing time with Tiffany, Jennie, Stefphan and Anna Rapa. I hadn’t seen Anna for 3 years. She’s in law school now. It was very refreshing.

Upon arriving in Mayville (aka Podunk)…I get locked out of my mother’s house. My brother had locked the door when he left to finish his Christmas shopping. I had to track down a cousin at the elementary school…I was tired and cranky. This was not a good combination. I mean, it is Mayville and there are about 1,000 people around here somewhere. When I was in high school we didn’t even lock the doors at night. I suppose it’s not as “safe” as it used to be…or my brother is paranoid his drums will get stolen again….one of the two.

I spent the day with dad on the 23rd. He gave me a laptop. I think I am still in shock. You have to understand, the last 16ish years I’ve been getting things like hairbrushes and/or Tigger stuff animals….it was a HUGE surprise. We watched Walk the Line. I had seen it before, but it was fun to watch him watch it. I still think Jacquin did a good job. I’m still trying to figure out if his eyes are really that deep brown, they were beautiful. (If y’all don’t know…I’m an eye girl)

The rest of the time was spent “relaxing”. My mother and brother yell at each other a lot. It’s not fun…they both want to control my brother’s life…it’s a hard dynamic… Mom gave me great outfits that I LOVE…so that’s fun. My brother got me a Jack Johnson cd and cousin Chris bought me some of the books on my wish list. I feel blessed to say the least.

I spent Christmas day with G Proctor. I wonder if the Proctor’s will even understand me…or my heart. They keep trying, I’ll give them that…but…yeah…

The drive back was a grueling 10 hours and my back felt every minute of it. The last two hours were in bumper to bumper traffic with everyone going 5 mph under the speed limit. I was cranky when I got home. I also finished babysitting for my roommate because she came down w/ the flu. If I get sick for New Year’s I’ll be very distraught.
That about sums it up. It was a busy week…but refreshing. Thank you Jesus.


jillymae said...

score!!! free laptop, yeah! what a great present =)

Heather said...


Laura said...

sounds like a great christmas. friends family and car rides yeah!!! Love Ya!

Anthony said...

yo, nice to see ya.
well no yesterdogs. it is ok though. we really weren't in MI to go to get hotdogs but for that little even that was the baker/vidal wedding or like. some one pointed out to me that over in MI they all say amber and shawn. meanwhile the folks from NY say shawn and amber. (interesting tidbit of useless info). well maybe i'll read some more of your posts later. and since you showed me your xanga i'll sign this from my new blog.

Anthony said...

"little event" not "little even". I can't spel two goode. sorry.

Anna said...

it was great to see you too Heather - a real blessing... let's keep in touch. :)