January 10, 2006

Chamber Meeting

So...I ventured on my first Chamber of Commerce meeting today. It was...business.

As we stood for the invocation I couldn't help but wonder if it's just in the buckle of the Bible belt that we pray before the meeting. After prayer, we said the pledge of allegiance and I had to give thanks for still being able to say "under God" without being looked at weird. (I mean, I probably still would have said the phrase no matter what the government did...Or at least I like to think I would) It also made me laugh at the lack of separation of church/business. Unless all chamber meetings are like this and I'm just unaware. It was my first one after all.

Then we sat through the speech prepared by the Lenox Village builder, who was telling us about Lenox Village. I like the concept, however I think it could either 1) isolate communities or 2) create the perfect place to minister to a community. Maybe it's a both/and situation. (thanks Dr. Meyers!)

Then they gave away door prizes and I left because I had a 9:00 meeting. David wants Rachel and I to hit all the Chamber events. I'm not sure I'm up for business networking. It's very funny to me. Almost too serious. Maybe I'm too laid back? I do like to lighten things up around there...Though. AND if it gets me out of the office, why not.

I do not understand the opportunity to work in the business world. I don't hate it. I love the people I work with, the work isn't that hard, they are seemingly pleased with all the work that I have been doing and have greater plans for me than I recognized...Yet I keep asking Why.

Why here? Why now? Why not ministry? What am I supposed to be learning? And do I really lead a charmed life like my friends seem to think? I was talking about FP earlier today and started crying. I miss it. I miss hearing what Benny is learning, I miss learning from what Benny is learning. I miss the guys and the encouragement they were to me.

Jesus...I don't understand and I do trust that you have a reason and purpose. I'm not upset, or sacred or hurt...just sad and not understanding. I give you my heart, I give you my soul. I live for you alone. Every breath that I take, every moment I'm awake. Have your way in me.....


Anonymous said...

I was reading your post and had the thought that maybe, just maybe you are where you are so you are learning more for yourself? Maybe God has placed you where you are to give you the chance to spread your wings, to grow without being under the shadow of anyone else. Perhaps it is your time to get lost in the shadow of the cross and that alone? And sometimes (trust me this is from first hand experience) we have to be removed from something to appreciate just how much a blessing it was.

Love ya H...and am praying for you! God will not leave you or forsake you...don't EVER forget that!!!! ~JLynn

Kara said...

my dad is in the chamber of commerce

Heather said...

The Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber OR the Greater Cool Springs Chamber OR the Williamson County Chamber....OR...all three?
I'll keep my eye open for his card. :)